Up to the Minute / by Nathan Webster

We are at the moment focusing on Place in our work with NOW-ID,

...both geographically and culturally. Being up at Powder Mountain for two weeks allowed us to focus on an individual journey and from a known space to one that is vast, unknown, without walls. We created a short film that crystalizes the experience. Thank you so much to Marshall Birnbaum and Josh Eichenbaum as well as NOW-ID dancer Kate Linsley for braving the elements and helping to put this extraordinary landscape into perspective. Thank you also to the rest of the Summit Series team for your generosity of spirit.

Watch it here: https://vimeo.com/157376246

Thank you to all who came to our extraordinary meet the artists event back in January. Also, thank you to all of our artists: Jesper, Peter, Rolf, Nathan and Charlotte for sharing insights and ideas from our current project EXODUS!

Charlotte returned as a resource artist at Salt Lake Acting Company's Playwrights' Lab in Feb. Look for an interview with NYC Director Tamilla Woodard, who was part of the lab in our interview series Ne Plus Ultra later this month. Tamilla is co-founder of PopUp Theatrics, a partnership creating site impacting theatrical events around the world and in collaboration with international theatre artists.

This month Charlotte returns to do a residency in Mexico City.

Lastly, the deadline for early registration to our Spring/Summer intensive, SPACE AS COLLABORATOR is March 31st. Don't miss an opportunity to take this groundbreaking site-specific workshop that explores interdisciplinary work between designers and choreographers/dancers.

A limited amount of scholarships are available. Email us at contact@now-id.com for more information.