Things we heard about NOWHERE... / by Nathan Webster

Some comments and review snippets FROM NOW-ID's third major site-specific production 'NOWHERE':

"NOWHERE was, quite simply, superb! The cast was astounding. The choreography was compelling, wide-ranging, and gorgeous. The space was transformed and activated in such an extraordinary way. The Wheel was a brilliant choice. The score and soundtrack were riveting and so diverse, unlike anything I’ve encountered. You should be incredibly proud. No one in SLC has had the courage, persistence or level of insanity required to pull off something like this. You have absolutely created a standard for dance and multi media."

"The best performance I have ever seen here in Salt Lake City!"

"Tonight's performance of Nowhere was at once exhilarating, refreshing and thought-provoking. The event was cohesive and fluid and the execution by the dancers was beyond my wildest expectations. The dancers, live musical duo, music compilation, videography, lighting design, artist collaboration and interactive life-sized prop [The 'Infinite Wheel’] were all integral pieces in this sensorial interdisciplinary experience. NOW-ID hatched from its fragile shell and developed into a mature masterpiece in front of my eyes this evening. I commend you and all of the fabulous performers tonight on a passionate artful deliverance, and I thank you for infusing SLC (and me) with a strong dose of much needed art and culture!"

"The show was inspired! Beautifully done."

"I felt priviledged to be in the audience for your performance last night. I admire the effort you put into bringing together so many elements to create an experience that was thought provoking, emotional, and artful. The lighting created such mysterious shadows that seemed to extend the space as well as a variety of moods. One of my favorites moments was when the horizontal lighting of red and blue subtly shifted to all blue gray. That time during morning and evening when everything loses color. Most of all, I loved the choreography and the beautiful, haunting performances of each dancer. They all powerfully represented your aesthetic with nuance and insight. I have to say, Salt Lake needs you so much more than it knows!”

"Unbelievably beautiful and moving!"

"NOW ID’s effort to use 19th century history as a unlikely vehicle for transporting local dance and its audience, finally, into the 21st Century... There is little doubt that future productions will continue to reflect the company’s ongoing effort to remove dance performance from its position of splendid aesthetic isolation and integrate it more fully within the broader arts community and regional context which situate and sustain it."