GLOVES OFF! RITE OF SPRING!! / by Nathan Webster

For full effect, find/play one of the following as you read this email:

Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, Part 1 (Adoration of the Earth): The Augurs of Spring / Dances of the Young Girls, or

Ice Cube’s You Know How We Do It.

Presenting NOW-ID’s Salt Lake City Premiere...

We’ve been dormant but not at all idle.

We are ramping up a legion of lovers, adepts, characters and clowns; dancers, diners, dolls and dollars… a collective ferrygang/Charon-in-reverse to carry the brave from darkness to light.

We've been thoughtfully scattering seed - ideas for shows, collaborators and venues - and loving it. There is a vision for it all and yet we are simultaneously loving not-knowing how it will all shape up, while knowing so much of it will.

Today, on the equinox, with the super worm moon, we aim to bookend spring and announcing our Rite of Spring will premier in Salt Lake City, Utah, just on the spring side of summer, on the solstish. We are still confirming venue, vying for Liberty Park but, 7 weeks along, this is still not 100% confirmed… It’s as if some fear/know the disturbance caused by Stravinsky and Najinski with the Sacre du Printemps premiere-actuelle in 1913.

But seriously... have you listened to it? Plant a version of this score in your earholes and take a walk… or have your own own private riot.

For now, we introduce the main dancers for NOW-ID’s ROS-1, as pictured below, and with more info on our website - Jo Blake, Tara McArthur, Liz Ivkovich and Sydney Petitt – and we are so pleased to work with them all again! And, note that this will be a recurring event of sorts, to be built upon this year in Texas and in Virginia but also, significantly, as an annual event in Salt Lake City, with our characteristic variation.

This may indeed be apocalyptic.

So, stay tuned to for future events-in-development and announcements (we will aim for the less than the number of titles in Stravinsky’s score).

And, see you June if not before!