NOW-ID in Denmark / by Nathan Webster

NOW-ID and Figura at the Copenhagen Opera Festival

All but one of us are back in Salt Lake City - Charlotte has stayed on for a couple of residencies - and we need to note just how much fun it all was to bring our little Exodus project and crew back across the Atlantic to perform both at the Copenhagen Opera Festival and at the Odense Fynske Opera. Our delayed flight and a notably cool and damp northern summer didn't slow us down, not much, as we performed to a sold out and overflowing crowd just 4 nights after our last show in SLC, and then again three more times.

We are blessed with memories of the amazing people we worked with, especially our show crew: the Figura Ensemble's Jesper, Anna and Frans, singers Nana and Jakob, and dancers Tara, Katherine and Adrian, but also for the people of the Opera Festival and Odense Opera House, our attendees, the friends and family who hosted and came (and yes, our board chair Elpitha Tsoutsounakis flew in with her family from Crete!) and so many more.  

And Copenhagen. We from Salt Lake loved the city's magic... the food, the bikes, the harbor, the food... the design and the architecture of course. So much. I think Tara is already looking into immigration. There are too many stories to tell here really, so I will just leave you with a selection of photos, and repeat my thanks to all!