3. Dream / by Nathan Webster

When hope is fully ablaze, all you can see is a wild and brilliant future. 
When you step out of your old story, you lose your established rhythm. 

In much the same way that dreams are a vivid scattering of intense images,
these early stories feel so real.

The future has no pattern.

Dreams are wings to lift yourself from your life.

Excerpt from EXODUS -- Libretto, below, 
by Ursula Andkjaer Olsen, translated by Barbara J. Haveland, 2016

“The sun smells of sun, the sky smells of sky, the sea smells of sea, the birds smell of bird, the fish smell of fish, and then you meet a person who is clad in silk, it might be blue silk, grey silk, white silk, yellow silk, red silk, violet silk, green, ALL colours, combining with ALL fruits and the palatial air of this place, and then the division of labour, the division of labour is paramount, they ALL earn the same amount of money, there is money, it is an analytical economy, but they ALL build stairways for one another, they ALL dress one another in blue satin, delight one another, and now we come to the sky-silk canopied spot used partly to catch the sun’s rays and extract its power AND to create a patch of silky soft shade for ALL, so no one will be troubled by unpleasant sweating.”