SAFE AND SPECIAL / by Nathan Webster

Charlotte and I returned from Vancouver four days following the event... and while midnight wake-ups and discomfort continue, it has been good to be home, in particular for the times we have connected with friends. 

While it feels an evolutionary trajectory has jumped the tracks - and it is a challenge to be in this new place - the last two weeks have, to us, reflected much and thus: 

There are things we can no longer take for granted and perhaps never should have.  

Much hurt has brought us here and there are many newly injured. Many will be in this place for some time and that, for a spell, is OK - we all need to feel this.



We will all need each other to get thru this.

As not everyone is blessed with so many choices nor the perception/capacity/ability to live, give and heal as others may, we, as artists and communicators - as actors in the world – commit to engage our role seriously, with rigor, and yet not without a sense of hope and lightness. 

While recognizing the need to care for one’s own well-being and that of our loved ones, so too does the well-being of community need care. None of this is exclusive.

We do hope you join us for our upcoming event - Your being with us is always a gift that we do not take lightly - and, as NOW-ID’s mission alludes, we believe in the power of art to move society for the better, and this is something that we create together. 

We are not in this for ourselves alone, nor for entertainment, distraction or comfort. Come for those, sure, but also for the power of being, connecting and creating in community, for the energy kicked up and for release… 

And for Charlotte and dancers’ battles. 

NOW-ID’s It’s Not Cracker takes place this December 16th and 17th at Utah Museum of Contemporary Art.