MAY WE ENTERTAIN YOU / by Nathan Webster

NOW-ID's HOUSE OF APOCALYPSE event is looking better by the hour. We write here to give a taste of what’s in store regarding food, drink, entertainment and, well, just what does one wear to an end-of-days party? Check out these highlights:

MOTHER NATURE. We couldn’t have planned this if we tried – Turns out there is a Blood Moon brewing the same weekend. You may notice in the next week that store shelves are being emptied and basement shelves filled! But really: if the end is upon us would you rather have canned tomatoes or handcrafted cocktails?  Which brings us to our most important collaborator… YOU!

COME! Bring your crew. And think about what you might do/wear if it were indeed the end of days…  Have fun with friends? Laugh? Cry a little? Break out those heels or that tux you’ve been saving up...  or wear ‘em at the same time?  Amie says, go a little French. Mark says Dress for Distress.  I say Dollhouse of Apocalypse. 

Then, we promised a lot on our invitation… There will be birds and flame and hugs - not occupying the same space at the same time - and a ringer and a swinger on/above our stage. Sophie Silverstone will be swingin', and FEAST headliner, Robert Scott Smith will be our Master of Ceremonies/Tongues.

FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS! There will be an OPEN BAR featuring talented bartenders, with donations from Squatters, Beehive Gin, Vida Tequila, Sugarhouse Vodka, BarX and more to come.

RED MEAT! A full sit down meal will be served / crafted by Robert Angelilli and, yes, there will be a non-animal option. 

THE FOUR HORSEWOMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE! The Bad Kids Collective comprises many of SLC's talented LGBT performers, and they will present something just for us. The group uses high-concept art and challenging themes, ultimately trying to, in their words, “utilize gender integrated style, and imagery to convey a message of empowerment and understanding of the need for community.” Yeah!

CORNERED BY ZOMBIES! While we recognize that the event will need a soft side - i.e. one cannot have an Apocalypse (or a sound mind) without some stretches of mellow - this couple of performers won’t be it.  Cornered by Zombies are a two piece metal band, with guitar and drums only. No vocals. And they will be playing a few short sets to keep us all on our toes.

MORE! MORE! MORE!  Soft, Brief, Cheeky, Funny things… and so much gratitude for and with you, and for the amazing crew of people who are bringing this together… Gary Vlasic, Jesse Walker, Amie Tulius, Chantelle Bordeaux, Kim Fearick, Debra Andersen, Marcus Macdonald, Mo Reeder, Cole Adams, Chris Howard, Adam Bateman, Rose Maizner, Hope Hornbeck, Scott Hinton, Casey Crawford, the donors and sponsors and more, more, more. So… See you there!

In Love and In Horror,

NWA, Singapore Charlie and the NOW-ID Krewe