To say NOW-ID has had a busy Summer would be an understatement. (see video)

We staged NOWHERE at Libby Gardner Concert Hall in Salt Lake City in July. The performance has been nominated for three CityWeekly awards for best choreography, dance and multimedia production. NOWHERE featured artists from all over the country as well as Denmark and Iceland and ran for two successful nights.


"NOWHERE was, quite simply, superb! No one in SLC has had the courage, persistence or level of insanity required to pull off something like this. You have absolutely created a standard for dance and multi media."

"Tonight's performance of Nowhere was at once exhilarating, refreshing and thought-provoking. NOW-ID hatched from its fragile shell and developed into a mature masterpiece in front of my eyes this evening. I commend you and all of the fabulous performers tonight on a passionate artful deliverance, and I thank you for infusing SLC (and me) with a strong dose of much needed art and culture!"

"Unbelievably beautiful and moving!"

"NOW ID’s effort to use 19th century history as a unlikely vehicle for transporting local dance and its audience, finally, into the 21st Century... There is little doubt that future productions will continue to reflect the company’s ongoing effort to remove dance performance from its position of splendid aesthetic isolation and integrate it more fully within the broader arts community and regional context which situate and sustain it."

In August we did a residency at Tanner Dance for a week and then went on to host/direct and curate 'Space As Collaborator' 

– a Summer Intensive directed towards Designers, Dancers and Choreographers. In Five days we managed to produce 11 pieces by 24 artists and had three showings for the public. Participants came from Portland, Chicago, Allentown, Wichita, NYC, California, Vancouver and of course Utah. Participants worked collaboratively in five spaces for two days and then were switched around, given a new theme, a new team, a new space and another 48 hours to solve and present their work. Amazing creativity emerged and our intention is to build on this for next year.

Now Charlotte goes off to Miami and Singapore for three weeks to complete two residencies and then...

September 26th is NOW-ID's inaugural Gala HOUSE OF APOCALYPSE (not to be missed!)

We will have extraordinary auction items and entertainment. The 'Apocalypse' takes place at Addictive behavior Motor Works in Salt Lake City's Granary District. To purchase tickets, please go to:

See you there!

Thank You to the photographers, who shot photos and helped document "Space as Collaborator": Dena Eaton, Jeff Juip, and Tyler Smith.